The GSA is a Northwestern campus leader in organizing and conducting service events for the University and greater Chicago/Evanston communities.  Our yearly events are described below.

GSA 5K/10K
The GSA 5K/10K is an annual race benefiting The Cradle, a local adoption and child welfare agency. This event is typically held in May at the NU lakefill and brings together students and staff across the NU campus. In addition to the race, there is breakfast, lunch, race prizes and raffle prizes.

Fairy Tale Trails
The GSA participated in the Women’s Club of Evanston’s highly successful Fairy Tale Trail. Students were provided with costumes by Women’s Center volunteers and entertained children in themed rooms of the trail. We had a wide range of characters to play this year, from a cow to a jungle bird to Prince Charming. The children were incredibly excited to be there, and the event raised funds for the Women’s Club. GWAN and GSA student volunteers ended the evening with dinner at Joy Yee’s Noodles. Thanks to all of our volunteers!

Photos From Past GSA Service Events

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Other Service Opportunities